When to 24:

The 24 Things Challenge happens four times each year. You let go of one object each day for 24 days. During this time, you only purchase necessities. You can participate in all four or just pick one or two sessions to join in. This is about what works for you. Little steps to improving the way you live and calling in the life you dream of.

January 1st - 24th ~ Mid-Winter's Toss

April 1st - 24th ~ Spring's Fling

July 1st - 24th ~ Summer's Shedding

October 1st - 24th ~ Autumn's Surrender

Why One item per day?

Removing one thing each day creates a ritual effect.  Repeating the behavior, taking a moment each day to infuse your action with intention changes the energy in your life.

Consciously letting go and making room for the new creates a sacred space. In that space you can create anything you want for your future.


There is no purchasing during these 24 day cycles. Necessities like food, medical care, pet or child needs, are fine but if there is something that catches your eye or that you think you need, start a list.  If you still want or need that item at the end of 24 days then its up to you.  Conscious consumerism is the goal.

Why the number 24?

People often ask why I picked the number 24.  They are curious about some mystical meaning and representation.

I started my first 24 Things on April 1, 2011.  It happened that Easter fell on the 24th that year so I picked that as my end date. It was that simple. But, I have researched a little bit on the number 24 and here is what I found.

The number 24 represents harmonious equilibrium.  

It is the cyclic mechanism of nature, 24 hours in the day.

In numerology it is said to be the combination of the aware individuality and energy of the Cosmos.

24 is the symbol of the double harmony of sky and earth, and in multiplication of four, it represents all the elements earth, water, air and fire by the six days of creation.

24 is also the number in the runic alphabet which each one represents a magical power