Vishuddha's Song: the science behind our OHMs

by Marylee Fairbanks

Imagine a room that teems with Grandfather clocks: some are narrow with intricate designs; others are wide and impose themselves. Each is unique by age and size; they range in color from tawny to ebony. Their pendulums swing like hypnotists’ watches.

An elderly man comes to his shop each morning and winds them, he works with a surgeon’s precision.

These timepieces move to their own rhythm, at first. Each pendulum oscillates freely from its pivot, but before long, they swing simultaneously.

 Luis Melo and Henrique Oliveira are mathematicians at the University of Lisbon physics department, and they discovered something called Synchronized Swing.

“We could verify that the energy transfer is through a sound pulse,” the pendulums communicate through vibration, adjust their rhythm, and then beat as one.

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