by marylee

I woke up this morning and knew I needed to re-write my Sankalpa.  One of the wonderful things about getting rid of clutter in your home is that you can think more clearly and ideas come into sharp focus.  You just "know" that you should do something.  

Usually, I save the Sankalpa re-writes for the 12th day the Mid- Toss Ahimsa but, I did mine this morning.  

I went out with some great girlfriends last night and realized how powerful Sankalpas are.  I recieved exactly what I wrote down last January and I intend to get the same results in 2013.  

So, be really specific. Words carry a lot of power. They can impact your emotional, physical and spiritual life.  

Chakra Five, Vishuddha, is the energy center for communication.  It is the way we express ourselves in the world and the energy we transmit is contagious.  Every thought, action, and word results in a ripple effect.  We need to train our minds to express the positive.  Instead of saying "I won't forget where I put my car keys." say "I will remember where my key are."

Subtle but powerful. 

This could be your Day Seven.  Spend the day making a conscious effort to let go of negative speech.  Re-write your habits, call in the wonderful.