Day Three: Boxes of Bandaids

by marylee

I have always wanted a house that had enough storage where I could keep all white towels in a cabinet. Sadly, nothing in my house is all white with two dogs and a seven year old pretty much everything has a stain on it. But, I can dream can't I?  

Last Spring I cleaned out my bathroom cabinets and decieded that my motto needed to be "One is pleanty".  I vowed not to buy any scrubs, fancy moisturisers, or magic creams until I used up what I already had. I have mostly stuck to it.  All the bath salts are fragrant bars of soap are gone but, what I noticed is how much went to waste.  

Over the years, I purchased luxurious salt scrubs that I would pull out when I had a nice long relaxing bath and use sparingly so they would last.  They are all dried up.   This is a reflection of how many evenings I get to soak in the tub and chill. 

I found 9 boxes of bandaids. Who needs 9 boxes of bandaids? The scary part is that this bathroom cabinet isnt even the medicin cabinet so I cannot imagine how many more boxes of bandaids I actually own. In my defense, my husband loves wilderness medicine and got his wilderness EMT years ago so he likes to stock up on stuff like this.  If you get a cut, swing on by.

I went through all the expiration dates on bugs sprays, medicans, and anything else with print on it.  Found an extra bottle of laundry detergetnt hiding behind some towels, still have the same three bottles of witch hazel where I left them last year. But, overall the cabinet is much emptier than it was in the spring.

I will keep the "One is pleanty" rule in play.  It makes me think before I buy another facial scrub that promises I will look 25 again. (unless one of you knows one that really works..)

Tomorrow I am onto half of the vanity.  It's a big one. I can't handle the entire thing in one day. 

Hope you are clearing out and cleaning up. If you feel overwhelmed just remember that nothing can fit in your life if you don't make space for it!

FENG SHUI TIP OF THE DAY: One of the problems with the bathroom areas of the home is the drains.  the energy is throught to be swept away down the many drains in our bathrooms.  It is recommended to keep a stopper in the bathtub and sink drains when you are not using them.  It helps retain the energy in the house.