Day 2: Home Again

by marylee

It has been fun to get started on The 24 Things again. The Revolution in Resolutions got a lot of response.  It was very fun becuase  the Chopra Center (deepak) tweeted it out and a few others who really got things moving.  However it made its way to you, I am very happy that you are joining in on 24 Things.  

I look forward to hearing about your experiences as we move into the days ahead.

We just returned from traveing so I have a lot to catch up on.  I think for me this winter toss will be more about getting some things organized that I have been slacking on.  But, often I think my 24 month will be about one thing and it leads me to some new place I had not thought of.  

For today, I am clearing out my bathroom/laundry room area.  This will take me about three days for sure.  I plan to break it down into three sections becuase if i do the entire area at once I will be in there all day and accomplish nothing else!  

Day one: I wrote my Sankalpa and traveled

Days two-five: entering the mess that is the master bath and laundry.