My Vision Pin


It seems that everyone is obsessed with Pintrist. I admit it, I have been drawn in along with the masses.  Today, as I prepared for Warrior II, instead of thinking about my inward spiral, and shoulder placement, my mind was on my Pintrist page.  

I started with a picture of grey hair!  My hairdresser is my best friend.  We have been best friends since we were twelve.  She will not let me grow in the grey. If I could get it to look like this, and never have to color again, I would be thrilled!  Although, I would have to start wearing a bit of make-up I think.  

 my new hair

I occurred to me that it really is the ultimate vision wall. I started a Svapnadarzana board. It means dream or vision in Sanskrit.  In it I will post lots of fun dreamy things for the future.  I works well with The 24 Things. Letting go, making space and deciding what to call into your life.  I did a mini version of 24 this April but will get back into the swing for the July installment.  

Do you have a Pintrist page?