Day 8: Dear Moving Man, Please accept my apology.

by marylee

I tried to move a large grey container and was shocked by its heft. I couldn’t imagine what was in there.

I left it in place, repositioned my light and discovered about seventy pounds of sheet music.  

The poor moving man who had to lug this crate from my tenth floor apartment in New York to the basement of Boxford.  (Yes, MG…I know what you are thinking right now)

I pulled out the books and donated them to the music department at my son’s school.

The remaining 45 pounds of paper I managed to bundle and haul out for recycling.  I send an apology to the recycling person as well.


UPDATE:  I am still collecting the catalogs and canceling them.  It’s shocking how many come to the house and I never noticed.  I would just toss them in the bin as soon as I walked in. (A third apology out to the many trees wasted)