Day 4: My last shred of decency

by marylee

My shredder is overheating. 

Day four? Old tax paperwork.  It isn’t nearly as interesting nor does it tug at the heartstrings like yesterdays entry about Tahiti, but it still feels good to carry four bags of shredded history. 

I got rid of everything below 2004 and I hope the IRS doesn’t read this and audit me for 2003.

A woman named Mary, who is participating in 24 Things left a message on the site. She had a great idea and is using all the colorful confetti to stuff Easter baskets.  

The problem with shredding is that you cannot recycle. Some other uses for shredded paper are to pack away Christmas ornaments and other fragile items in storage, stuff a scarecrow on Halloween, call a local animal shelter and ask if they can use it for their hamster or guinea pig cages.