Day 21: No spiders were harmed in the writing of this blog

by marylee

Today I cleared out my breezeway.  This room makes me crazy.

It’s all screen windows and open doors; basically the outside with a cement floor.  I try to clean it up but in just a few days it is covered with windblown leaves, dirt and sticks the dogs have dragged in. 

There is nothing out there but a chair, storage cabinet, a wheelbarrow full of wood for the fireplaces and the recycling bins.

However, there are spiders. Lots of spiders and they spin their webs along the ceilings and walls.  They lay their eggs out there and I feel terribly guilty when I pull out the shop vac.  (Cue CSW rolling her eyes)

I announce to the little creatures that they have five minutes to run, and then I destroy their silky, sticky homes.  Not very Ahimsa I am afraid.

Day 21: Displaced some spiders and cleaned out the BBQ supply cabinet.