Day 2: Losing my high C and my son in a pile of magnetic tape

by marylee


Day 2 of the 24 day de-cluttering challenge.

My mother’s helper visited and baked a chocolate cake with my son while I made my way to the basement.  I emptied a plastic container that I went through just last year to see if anything had changed in “importance”.

I found 40 cassette tapes, some of which I had burned onto CD’s last year, but I still held onto these tapes.  There were musical scales warm ups that my vocal coach made for me in the 80’s, radio commercials from the 90’s and bootleg tapes of shows I had performed in.

I let my son make as much noise as he pleased while he tossed them into the trash bag.

I have to admit it was hard to throw some of these away. The range and quality of my voice is not what it once was and it feels as if these are evidence of what my voice once sounded like. But I realize that soon cassette players will be as scarce as my High C.

FYI:  The Tape Place is a good place to check with before you toss.  They are looking for collectable VHS and cassette tapes.  The magnetic tape is not recyclable, but if you have a five year old they are game for ripping it out by hand for you!