Day 17: We just aren't friends anymore

by marylee

You know how you have some old friends that you reconnect with once a year and its like old times?  You laugh, remember each others secrets, and they make you feel loved and accepted even though they know all your flaws.

Conversely, you have those people who you touch base with, vaguely remember why you once liked them, but they just don’t fit into your life anymore? You hang up the phone and wonder why you keep trying.

That’s shorts and me. 

Every summer I pull them out of storage and they sit looming on the shelf. They taunt me when I open the closet door.

We both know the truth. They make my thighs look bad, their colors no long appeal to me, and they reveal all the secrets I try to keep hidden.

Day 17: I have decided, we’re just not friends anymore.