Day 16: Grey is the new Blah

by marylee

I entered the mysterious realm of my closet today. I took everything off of hangers and shelves, and started sorting from a big pile on the floor. I understand now, why I spent the last 15 days in my basement; I was avoiding my closet.

I own far too much grey. You can jazz it up with fancy names like Slate, Fog, and Charcoal, but lets face it…It’s grey.

I read years ago, that people who wear a lot of brown subconsciously want to be invisible. I am afraid to Google the meaning of grey. 

I understand all the black.  It’s due to the extra 15 pounds I never took off since my son was born, but all this grey?  I don't know what to think about myself.

Day 16. The 2007 fashion rule “Grey is the new Black” is officially over in my closet. I am NOT a fashion diva so it may have been over for a few years now and I was sadly, unaware.

What I read about the color grey; Grey is worn by people who are a lone wolf type or narrow–minded. It is a symbol of security, maturity and dependability.

People who are attracted to grey tend to be practical and calm and do not like to attract attention.  (Not sure if the rest of this applies but lets be clear… I love attention.) I need a new wardrobe.