Day 13: Group-off

by marylee

Today I am dumping my email.  I have thousands of them and I am letting most of them go.  I’ll save the ones from my husband, Mom, and a few close friends.

While I am at it I am removing myself from E-mailing lists. 

All this Groupon, Rue LaLa, Gilt, “buy it NOW even if you don’t need it because you can save ten percent”.  It’s all going. 

If I need something I will go in search of it.  I don’t want it delivered to my mailbox, telling me I must own it, when thirty seconds ago, I didn’t know it existed.

I love this “no spending” rule while doing 24.  If I think I want something I put it down on a list. If by the end of the 24 days, I still need it, then I will purchase it.

Taking a breath and a pause helps clarify the feeling around why we “want” something.


Fashion is simply perceived obsolescence and if we are more aware of how we are manipulated, we might think twice before spending on things we don’t really need.