Day 11: My first love was Danny Kaye

by marylee

My ITunes collection is an acquired taste.  It is 90 % musical theater music. This makes the two bins filled with theater CDs even more ridiculous. But I can’t part with them. 

My mom said that, when I was four, I had a crush on Danny Kaye.  I was mesmerized by those wonderful, 1940’s musical movies, and ran around the house singing and dancing. 

The first album I ever bought with my allowance money was Barbara Streisand Superman. Not a typical 7 year old.

Most other kids were out playing kickball in the neighborhood but I would sit in my bedroom and sing, with the window open for my invisible audience. 

I have since let go of my records but cant toss those CDs. I keep thinking they are as valuable to the world as they are to me so I need to hold onto them.  I literally have hundreds of musicals; everything from A My Name is Alice to Zombie Prom

In the spirit of letting go, I got rid of everything that isn’t a musical..… I am working on it.