Day 1: The torture of Anthropologie

by marylee

Today begins the 24 day de-cluttering challenge.

I wrote a blog, last week called The Princess of Garbage Day.  I received some touching emails and comments that inspired me to try something new.

So, each day, for the next 24 days, I am letting go of one item in my life. Making space to create an inspired future.  I hope you will join me.

Letting go can be challenging. We sometimes feel that we are defined by our possessions or are the sum of our experiences. When we practice letting go we create sacred space in our lives. It is in that space that we can develop the faith that we will be provided for and cherished without the aid of material things.

I am kicking the first item off with a stack of catalogues.  Part of the 24 challenge is to refrain from any unnecessary purchases so, why should I tempt myself with an Anthropologie catalog.  (Oh, Anthropologie.....I do love your clothes)

I am taking an hour or so and canceling all of them. Lets save some trees and create an inspired future.

What are YOU doing first?  Leave your comments here or on the "contribute a thought" page.

FYI:  magazines and catalogs are made with a clay coating. This is what makes up much of the weight of the paper.   One ton of coated magazine paper uses about 15 trees. I will plant 3 trees in my yard in a effort to atone.