Day 9: Horse Stick

by marylee

My son spotted a hobbyhorse on a stick, at the General Country Store, in town.  He was three and it was Christmas time.

He galloped around the shop and pressed a little button to make the toy neigh.  I asked him to put it back as we were checking out.  He petted the mane and whispered a secret into it's fluffy ear.

It was under the tree on Christmas morning.

Since that day, he rode it twice.  The thing sat in the corner; it's fluffy ears collecting dust.  Time to let it ride off into the sunset.

One of the many things I enjoy about doing The 24 Things is the NO PURCHASE RULE.  it helps curb the habit of an impuse buy.

We are bombarded with advertisements telling us what we must have. In some cases, the impulse buy accounts for up to 40% of clothing purchases.  2-5% of adults have serious impulse shopping problems.  It can leave you financially and emotionally distressed.