Day 8: SpongeBob Lego-Guy

by marylee

The bigger my son gets the smaller he likes his toys.  He loves little Lego people with teeny, tiny accessories, which are impossible to keep track of.

He can account for every single one. “Mom? Have you seen the SpongeBob lego-guy’s spatula?”

I started a system with some of his old toys.  I put them in bins downstairs and a few times each year we sort through them, donate what he doesn’t want, pull out what still interests him, and store what he is not ready to part with.

The Community Giving Tree is a local donation center near my home.  They have a toy drive every October so, when my boy is at school, I will make a large donation.  It is a lot easier to do when he isn't at home!

Community Giving Tree recycles children’s clothing and baby equipment and provides other necessities such as school supplies and toiletries to low income families in Essex County, Massachusetts. They provide a great service and I like to give locally rather than to Good Will.

Drop off your extra toys on October 22.