Day 4: Bring Out Your Dead

by marylee

The walkway to my house is lined with lavender. When the front door is open and the wind blows, the scent wafts down the hallway.

I  keep little clippings of the shrubby, purple, herb, in my kitchen window all summer.  The sweet smell makes my least favorite chore (washing dishes) a little nicer.

Sadly, summer is over, the springs have lost their scent and color and it is time to toss them.

Dried flowers are not great to keep around your house. Then they lack vital energy, collect dust, and nest bugs.

Dead flowers or plants create stagnant energy in your home and weigh you down. Toss them and fill the space with something green.


Plants filter the air in our homes, improve humidity, and elevate the energy of any space.  It is recommended to put a plant near computers and television to compensate for the electricity.  
Certain plants are especially good at filtering specific chemicals;
Aloe vera , elephant ear and ficus clear the air of formaldehyde
English Ivy- Benzene
Peace Lily- Benzene and trichloroethylene
Spider plant reduces carbon monoxide
And Golden pothos clears away carbon monoxide, benzene and formaldehyde