Day 19: Full of Sheets

by marylee

We live in a very old house so closet space is limited.  I have one closet that houses my coats, linens, pillows, and a few rarely worn, fancy dresses. Needless to say, this space needed some de-cluttering.

I had four sets of sheets for guests.  I don’t even have a guest room.

This is a perfect example of holding onto things that we don’t need “just in case”.

Unnecessary pillows and sheet cluttered up this much needed space.  I bagged them up and sent all but one extra set to charity.

I kept the fancy dresses though.  I wear them, on occasion, and the ones that are too youthful, I will save and give to my goddaughter.

You need a new pillow when:

Down and feather pillows, fold your pillow in half . If it stays folded when you release it, you need a new pillow. It should spring back to its original shape and fluffiness.

Synthetic fiber pillows, Fold the pillow in half and put a heavy book on it. The pillow bounce back to its or