Day 15: Reading into Rouge

by marylee

I found two packages of false eyelashes, some miracle, mineral powder I purchased ten years ago, seven shades of blushes, and twenty-two lip liners. Do people still wear lip liner?

I also discovered nine shades of lipstick to apply between the lines of my lip liners.

What’s troubling is the differentiation between the colors is  so miniscule that you would need to stand in bright sunlight, wearing reading glasses to tell them apart.

The experience is reminiscent of the 150 articles of grey, I had in my closet last April.

I wondered, at the time, what all the grey said about my personality and once again, I am concerned about the deep, hidden meanings of the lip colors Rouge Sinner and Skew.

If I wore lipstick every day I might be able to justify it but I wear lipstick three times a year and I never remember to re-apply.

According to Allure Magazine we should toss mascara and eye shadows every 2-3 months and foundation every 6 months. Powder is good up to two years (not ten) and lipstick should be tossed every year.  I don’t know if it is true or just a marketing ploy to get people to purchase more makeup