Day 11: Blurred Vision

by marylee

I love to garden but I don't have a green thumb.  Springtime commences with a vision of an English Garden but by August I pruning a colorful, haphazard plot.  The deer enjoy it though.  They fuel up for winter on just about every blossom.

For some reason I held onto six years worth plastic nursery pots.  Perhaps, in my “English Garden” vision, I had a greenhouse where I sprout seedings?

I loaded about 50 of them into my trunk (Yes, the one I vacuumed last Sunday) and brought them to my neighbors, who actually have green thumbs and a green house.

I rescued a puppy and gave it to these lovely people, several years ago.  He went from the pound to their 40 acre Christmas tree farm.  I was happy to visit with him again.  Born Free uncovers troubling facts  about pet stores. Before you buy a dog, think about adopting from a shelter. There are a lot of fantastic animals out there waiting for a loving home.