One Hundred Words


I recently undertook the exercise of writing what yoga means to me in 100 words.  It was a meaningful exercise. The constraint of 100 words helped distill the truth.  I thought I would share it with you.  Maybe some of you will write your "yoga bio" and share it.   

Yoga began for me as the respite from the physical celebration of performance. I was a musical theatre actor in New York City. Life in the theatre requires fortitude: demeaning auditions, eight shows a week, strained vocal cords. Yoga replenished me.

My father died, I left New York,  I married and had my beautiful son, all in short time. Yoga is now a celebration of all my life, integrating both the physical and ethereal into a higher form of self-expression.

Yoga is no longer a respite but a daily devotion,  and the place where I choose to imagine my life.

(100 words)