Muladhara. The Root Chakra


I spent this perfect, sunny day out in the garden moving bulbs and raking up fallen leaves.  I have no choice but to dedicate our class tonight to the Root Chakra of the earth.

It is so exhilarating to connect with the earth and breathe in the spring air, to get the mud under my nails and the sunshine on my skin.  I love watching the plants in my garden spring up each year and feel that I am a small part of it, as I clear a path for the green leaves to flourish.  

In class tonight, we will practice gratitude for the earth and the life force she feeds to all of us.

The Tao Te Ching

If you want to shrink something, you must first allow it to expand

If you want to get rid of something you must first allow it to flourish

If you want to take something you must first allow it to be given

This is called the subtle perception of the way things are


The soft overcomes the hard

The slow overcomes the fast

Let your workings remain a mystery

Just show people the results