"Energy cannot be created or destroyed.  It can only be changed from one form to another." ~Einstein

Everything is made up of energy and vibration.  Sometimes, for various reasons, our bodies energy system gets stuck.  Gemstones and crystals can help move re-direct, and balance you.

Gemstones have been used for centuries for healing, meditation and manifesting.  They are used to help move the subtle vibrational energy of the body and transform stuck energy. I believe it is important to be connected to the earth. Modern society has left us feeling disconnected, stressed out, and drained. I use gemstones to connect and meditate, and believe that the only way to heal and grow is through nature. 

When you pick your piece of Chakras Yoga Healing Jewelry, think about what you would like to enhance or heal in your life.  You can read about the Chakra System and match the perfect stones for your needs. 


We have all seen the image of a crystal orb to foretell the future.  But, there are many examples of ancient cultures using gemstones for healing, protection, adornment and love.

~Egyptians wore finely ground Lapis Lazuli as eyeshadow.

~Native Americans wore turquoise belts to aid digestion and help with stomach problems.

~Greek warriors wore garnets for protection.

~Indian astrologers used Moonstone to befriend the moon and it is said you can see the future in it during a waning moon.

~Hematite was thought to make warriors invulnerable.  They rubbed the stone on their bodies and carried it to battle.

~African and Australian shamans used tourmaline to help guide them toward good decision making and to provide insight. 

~Ancient Egyptians and Greeks used Amethyst for clarity and protection.

These are just a few examples of how stones have been used over thousands of years.



 The stretch bracelets will last longer if you don't get them wet too often. It is not recommended that you shower or swim with them, as the elastic will wear more quickly.

My Chakras Yoga Jewelry is Reiki charged for you.  Over time, the stones absorb energies and vibrations and should be cleanses and re-energized. 

~Moon~ a full moon is powerful.  You can place your jewelry on a windowsill or outside and the moons rays will work their magic.

~Smudging~ Use sage or incense to clear your stones.  Pass the stones through the smoke to remove negative and heavy energy.

~Singing Bowl~ Put your jewelry in a singing bowl and play away.  Set and intention and meditate on the sound.  Vishuddha (chakra five) means to purify through sound. 

~use a soft cloth when wiping your jewelry clean.