Sound Healing with Romy Valdez and Marylee Fairbanks

  • Yoga Sakti 29 Bridge Street Salem, MA, 01970 United States

Join us for an afternoon you will not forget.  

All living creatures are made up of vibrating atoms, and everyone has a frequency.  The sounds that resonate from gongs create change through vibrational energy.

Marylee Fairbanks will lead you through the Chakra system with a series of Kundalini-informed kriyas, Hatha, pranayama, mudra, & meditation while Romy Valdez emits vibrational healing through gongs. The second hour will be pure Deep Gong Meditation immersion. 

The Gong heals through the purification properties of sound vibrations. Gongs create an energy field, that removes blocks and allow for transformational healing in the mind, body and spirit.  Yoga and breathing techniques are enhanced because the vibrations reach you on a cellular level.  You will move deeper into and maintain yoga postures that will  prepare you for the DEEP GONG MEDITATION and a heartfelt healing experience. 

This 2 1/2 hour workshop delivers connection to your highest self and the energies that surround us all. 

Give yourself this gift of healing.  Allow yourself to flow with the exuberance of the springtime energy of rebirth and renewal.  

$40.00. Reserve your spot soon. This workshop will sell out quickly.   


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