Chakra Balancing Fusion with Singing Bowls

  • A Yoga Practice Central Street Georgetown, MA, 01833 United States

Fall is the harvest season. It is associated with the lungs and governs organization, protection and boundaries.  We move from the external expanse of summer and turn inward.  It is a time to be mindful and release what will not serve us in the coming months.

This two hour class will open all the chakras with a fusion of asana, Kundalini-informed Kriyas, pranayama, and chants.

I will end class a singing bowl mediation. Sound healing purifies through the properties of sound vibrations.  The music removes blocks and allow for transformation healing on a cellular level.   

You will move deeper into your savanna while the vibrations purify, heal and prepare for change in season and in self.   

$30.00. at A Yoga Practice in Georgetown MA

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