Mindful Calming For Teens

Mindful Calming For Teens 

 2 Summer Sessions

Teenagers are under enormous amounts of stress.  Here is a wonderful chance to open their minds and hearts to healthy ways of calming the soul.  This group is perfect for anyone who finds they are feeling worry, having difficulty accomplishing tasks, trouble sleeping or eating, stomach or headaches, or difficulty finding joy in activities.

This is a one-week therapeutic group for teens 13-18, that are struggling with anxiety or stress.  The members will have a combination of psych-education, talk therapy, group activities, yoga, meditation and alternative healing practices.  

Marylee Fairbanks/Chakras Yoga will be leading two classes of Qugong and guided meditation.  

Week of July 27th 10-noon
Week of August 3rd 10-noon

21 Central Street
Andover, MA
Debbie Costello, LICSW
978 994 3686
$295.00 per week 

Please contact Debbie for further information.