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Motherhood, like yoga, asks us to look inward and motivates us to grow.

My son teaches me to be in the moment.  His wise words, funny observations, and clear honesty make me laugh and think every day.   

I was a professional actress and singer in New York for many years. I enjoyed the interaction with an audience, the interpretation of a story through music and the blend of voices and instrument in harmony.

When my child was born I realized that the demands of being a professional actress would not help me achieve the life my husband and I envisioned. Yoga came to the forefront. My practice expanded. Teaching and writing surprised me with their joys.

When my boy was born, I let go of life in the theater.  I couldn't imagine leaving the house every night, at bedtime, to make half hour at the stage door.  I knew that the first few years with my child would pass quickly and I wanted to be there with him.

I started writing to satisfy the creative part of my self, and teaching yoga because it helps me to notice and give meaning to small things in my life. These practices teach me to welcome those glimpses of magic that yoga provides. It urges me to make space and time in my day to practice gratitude, and to see and feel and reflect upon new aspects of my life to which I now attach great meaning.

Welcome to Chakras Yoga and The 24 Things.  

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Photographs by Susan Currie Creative 
Check out the Chakras Yoga Healing Bracelets.  I wear 'em all the time!

Check out the Chakras Yoga Healing Bracelets.  I wear 'em all the time!